29 September 2020

Benefits of Awning Systems in Winter

The origin of the word awning is Italian and means tent. Tent has a very important place in the life of Turks. Because the ancient Turks had a nomadic lifestyle. Therefore, the houses of the ancient Turks became tents. They gave these tents the names çum, kapa, alaçik, and katgü. Turkey which performs the awning is one of the leading companies to manufacture and Byart market covers types Group, today revealed that change shape according to need tents and awnings designing with advanced technology systems.

With the change of seasonal conditions in our country, many products have started to become a necessity. Awning systems produced by Byart Group are one of them. Byart Group's awning systems are aluminum structured, foldable, durable product that protects from harsh weather conditions such as sun and rain. The awning systems of Byart Group, which perfectly adapt to every architectural structure, can be used very easily in winter. Protect you from rain with its waterproof structure and from the wind with its durable structure, Byart's awning systems protect your living space from adverse conditions in winter.


The prices of Byart Group's awning systems are priced according to the desired system features instead of the application. If you have enough time for your terrace, you can make stylish designed awnings according to your own taste without shaking your budget.


Fabrics used in awning systems produced in Byart Group; It is resistant to wind, fire, sun and rain and is made of blackout fabrics. In addition, world leader French Somfy motors are used in all products of Byart Group and are guaranteed for 5 years. Since the awning systems of Byart Group have a foldable structure, you can use your terrace unlimitedly by adjusting it according to your comfort suitable for four seasons. This means that the money you spend on your terrace will be used for many years.


With production and assembly, after all stages are completed, Byart Group, which offers our after-sales and technical support services, has determined its standards from the main materials used in its products to assembly services and has been certified with CE Quality Certificate in accordance with international norms.