30 March 2021

Bodrum Bioclimatic Pergola System

Bioclimatic pergola system to be used in living spaces in Bodrum; It should be resistant to wind, cold and rain. Byart Group maximizes the use of bioclimatic pergolas in Bodrum with its stylish appearance and summer-winter sheltered structure.

Benefits of Using a Bioclimatic Pergola in Bodrum

The bioclimatic pergola system, which offers a cool environment even in the scorching heat of Bodrum in summer, is equipped with advanced technology. Thanks to its movable and foldable aluminum sunshade panels, it is adjusted according to the weather conditions of all four seasons. It contributes to the protection of both nature and economy by saving energy.

The bioclimatic pergola system, which is resistant to the harsh winds of Bodrum in winter, and the hidden streams on the surface of the panels that rotate around its axis with a single touch with the remote control, prevent the dust or water accumulated on the product from entering in the opening position. With its aluminum panels and stainless steel connection systems, it is resistant to strong winds and is of high quality.

You can create a stylish, aesthetic and warm appearance in your space with the color options suitable for architecture of bioclimatic pergola systems in Bodrum. In addition to the standard colors, all profiles can be painted with the desired RAL colors. By using LED lighting technology to bioclimatic pergola systems, you can provide a luxurious and stylish appearance in open areas. In addition, thanks to its remote control, you can adjust the light intensity according to the environment, and you can color the environment as desired thanks to the RGB-enabled LED technology.