18 July 2023

Byart Group's New Economic Product Optimus

As a result of the detailed studies of Byart Group, he developed the bioclimatic pergola system SmartRoof Optimus. It provides shading in gardens or outdoors with its economical, fast delivery and easy installation. SmartRoof Optimus, which is manually operated, economical, fast delivery and easy installation, are simple and user-friendly systems.


Manual pergola systems, Optimus, which can be opened and closed by a mechanism, works with the help of a lever. The manual Optimus is generally economical and does not require electricity or automation. The most distinctive feature of Optimus is its aluminum sunshade panels, which allow you to control the sunlight by changing its angles. It can be closed completely when desired, preventing the penetration of rain, wind or sun rays. Optimus offers an economical and useful option by using durable materials such as aluminum. Optimus bioclimatic pergola systems offer an aesthetically attractive appearance as well as being functional. They add value to outdoor spaces with their modern and stylish designs.

Optimus; It is widely used in various types of structures such as commercial buildings, offices, hotels, restaurants and even residences. Manually opening and closing aluminum sunshade awning systems offer a practical and functional solution to users by combining advantages such as energy saving, indoor comfort and building aesthetics.