20 March 2019

The Advantages of Using Pergola in Terraces


Byart Group's pergola systems are equipped with advanced technology that does not require construction license and can be opened and closed automatically. The Byart Group's terraces with pergola systems protect the terraces from the sun's excessive burning effects in the summer, while in the winter they are protected from snow and cold. Thus, the energy of the outside of the four seasons to feel comfortable in your terrace is fully meet the need of those who want. In addition, Byart Group's pergola systems allow you to close your terrace with Vertiglass vertical automatic glass systems or thermally insulated fixed systems with lateral design.

Byart Group; Oval Pergola, Rail Pergola, Automatic Pergola, Illuminated and Wide Opening Pergola models offer practical use with single, double and triple forms by producing the needs of your living spaces effectively meets.

The special and elegant design of the pergola systems of the Byart Group with sharp lines, while creating your terrace in the changing seasons, gives you a luxurious and aesthetic appearance with your LED lighting system and color options suitable for the architecture.

''You can also create winter gardens.''

You can prepare not only your terrace but also your garden with harsh weather conditions by Byart Group's pergola systems. If you don't want to limit your garden comfort and enjoyment to just a few months, you can create elegant winter gardens by closing up with Byart Group's Vertiglass automatic glass systems.


The prices of Byart Group's pergola systems are priced according to the desired system specifications instead of the application. If you have enough time for your terrace, you can have stylish design pergola suitable for your terrace without jawing your budget according to your taste.

The fabrics used in the pergola systems produced by Byart Group; It is made of blackout fabrics which are resistant to wind, fire, sun and rain. In addition, all of the Byart Group's products are used by the world-leading French Somfy engines and are guaranteed for 5 years. Byart Group's pergola systems have a foldable structure and you can use your terrace without limitation by setting them according to your comfort for four seasons. This means that you have spent many years of money on your terrace.

After the completion of all the stages of production and assembly, after-sales and technical support services, Byart Group has been certified with CE Quality Certificate according to international norms, from the main materials used in its products to installation services.