25 September 2019

Winter Cleaning of Tents How to Do?

Byart Group's awning systems are the most effective and most decorative protection method of living spaces. Byart Group's awning systems, thanks to the motorized structure can be opened and closed easily by remote control system. Thanks to its movable and foldable aluminum sunshade panels, it can be adjusted to comfort according to weather conditions in all seasons.

The cleaning of these awnings, which are used in all seasons, is also very important for a hygienic living space. Awnings should be clean at all times to maintain the spaciousness of the living spaces. Hookah, cigarette, dust and yellow and black mushroom stains attached to the ceiling in the case of moisture over time makes the living spaces dark.


Byart Group's awning systems, which offer practical solutions for living spaces with its wide opening and folding and railing, surround the desired area to be used in four seasons and are made of aluminum. Resistant to harsh weather conditions without the need for any extra carriers.

The cleaning of these special awnings should also be special. Awnings that have become dirty, stained, bad weather and look old, should be cleaned in winter as well as in all seasons.

Awnings should be washed with special awning machines. The awning and the awning must be cleaned without damaging the technology. Awnings should be washed with special detergents and purified from stained appearance. After cleaning the tarpaulin itself, other parts are reached. Warm water should be poured with stain remover detergent and cleaned with a soft brush or cloth.