Bioclimatic Pergola

Solutions: SmartRoof

Explore the best of outdoor  elegance with Byart Group, a leading manufacturer of outdoor pergolas.Immerse yourself in the finest outdoor luxury as you discover our exceptional range of bioclimatic pergolas.

We specialize in crafting high-tech Aluminium pergolas designed for unique patio covering providing both style and functionality to outdoor spaces.


Choose between motorized louvered pergola or the manual bioclimatic pergola, and experience the ultimate flexibility either with its rotating or retractable panels features.


The SmartRoof Bioclimatic pergola is a new technology masterpiece reshaping outdoor comfort, with its stylish design that redefines traditional sunshade systems such as gazebos, awnings, winter gardens (Glass roof), and umbrellas.


SmartRoof Bioclimatic Pergola stands out in the realm of pergola systems.Designed specifically to be an essential architectural piece of your living spaces, it brings a strong and cozy alternative to conventional options.You can elevate your experience further by completing the sides with vertical blinds or Vertiglass Glazing systems.


At Byart Group, we are experts in creating outdoor solutions with a range of meticulously produced pergolas. From retractable canopies and stylish awnings for patio to outdoor roofs and pergolas with shades, Our diverse range of options is designed to add meaningful elegance to your life and your outdoor spaces.