Every component in the Blade heater is optimized for performance. That includes the veito carbon tube producing mid-wave infrared heat. We built everything around extruded aluminum designed to maximize thermal capacity. We designed the Blade heater with built-in remote control. It is simple and elegant – and also astonishingly quiet. You can set the heating power by using the remote controller. The Blade has IP55 weatherproof design, which means you can use it for Patios, Terraces, Smoking Areas, Conservatories, Restaurants, Hotels, Bathrooms, Garages, Workshops, Factories, Warehouses and many more.

Available as
BLADE 220-240V 2000W Black or Silver
H: 130 mm W: 900 mm D: 90 mm Remote Control
Four power settings Tip-Over protection Vertical and Horizontal usage IP 55 weatherproof design